Stack Doe Entertainment’s movement promotes style and creativity, showcasing the artists’ artistic ability and talents from city to city, state to state. SDE is striving to become the premier independent music label of the east coast. Owner Warren “Wizz” Keel is looking to take the SDE label to the next level. Envisioning nothing but the best for his artists and audience, he strives to perfect all the music coming out of his label. Wizz not only pays special attention to the business closely overseeing the day to day operations, but also acts as a mentor to the young artists. The mission of SDE is to provide the fans with musical talent they can relate to and rock the crowd come showtime. SDE has recruited a strong cast of talents such as: Long time SDE Veteran 5th Cal still brings his hood rap flow to the stage. As an experienced rapper, 5th Cal is eager to establish a name for himself in the game. Being a very social man, he can liven up a party and make his way around a room real quick. 5th Cal is ready to show them why he’s still one of the best that ever did it. Next up from SDE is one of the leading, up and coming stars of the squad Sauna Rell. With his exceptional ear for music and immense work ethic, Rell has the ability to create hit after hit. Currently he is leading the charge with SDE with newly released mix tape 781{4a2722a7eae0aa55dbaf4520dc848232eb903461560b113041b24918239c5481}. This will without a doubt be the first of many from Sauna Rell given his drive. Mr. “Que’ Tu Necesita” Jae Nes, is one of the primes of the indie label. As a Dominican artist, he brings a multicultural vibe to SDE opening the door for a new crowd of fans. Jae Nes is the type of artist that can make a listener have to rewind his verse just to recapture the lyric that was just spit. With his unique sound and creative flow, his music is unforgettable. You can currently find Jae featured on a variety of SDE tracks while he works behind the scenes on his own mix tape. The most outgoing artist on the label, “Tah Dolla” brings his creative style and smooth demeanor to the table. Recently reentering the rap game, Dolla comes strong with his gritty and mainstream verses. With his versatility, Dolla is building his musical portfolio of street and club hit starting with his newly released single “30 Bottles”. Last but not least is the most versatile artist on the label “80”. Between his originality and various topics covered in his music, 80 is able to capture the attention most people who hear him. Not worrying about the opinions of others, allows him to create unspeakable music that makes him stand out from most.

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