Mighty Mystic’s new album ‘Concrete World’ is already a hit. Debuting at #6 on The Billboard Top 100 Reggae Chart in 2014, Mighty Mystic takes his now veteran talents to a new level. Considered one of the leaders in the East Coast Reggae Movement, reggae artist Mighty Mystic’s fresh sound and musical diversity has proven to be a magnet for music lovers in search of something refreshing and new.  Hailing from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Mystic, the childhood nickname of his father, relocated to Boston in search of a new life and purpose. 

In 2006 Mighty Mystic teamed up with producers Mike Cip & Stephen Thunder to record Mystic’s first national / international venture. The team wasted little time, and scored a hit with their first release, “Riding on the Clouds” which was followed by “Revolution”. Mystic would spend the next few years touring, recording, and exploring – while alongside his friends, family and fans that taught him much about the world we live in, while gaining a heavy ‘influence’ from the west coast. Might Mystic sings of the west coast’s green, fame, attitude and culture in his Brand New Single ‘Cali Green’, featured on ‘Concrete World’. “I’m truly proud of this project and can’t wait for the world to hear it”, said Mystic prior to its release while recording once again with Mike Cip of Split 2nd Studios. Listen we have.‘Concrete World’ is among the best original music you will hear in 2014. For more info and to purchase, visit the release page here.

Concrete World Album Cover1

Cali Green (Official Music Video)

Shot & Directed By: D&D Pro Imaging



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