• Sebnyce - In the Shadows (REMIX)
  • Sebnyce - Touched
  • Sebnyce - Superman
  • Sebnyce - New Kings REMIX
  • Sebnyce - M1 Stinger REMIX

Seb Nyce

Sebnyce  (aka Mr. Nyce Guy)

Sebnyce, also known as Mr. Nyce Guy, is a Rapper/Dj from Cambridge, MA , with a high energy personality that screams fun and unavoidably becomes the loudest presence upon walking into a room. Between his extreme energy, “get it done” attitude, and immense love of hip hop and EDM, it seems pursuing a career in Music was fate over choice for Sebnyce, and if you share his love of EDM and Hip Hop, you need to check out his work! Mr. Nyce Guy takes his original, in your face rap lyrics that embrace “the party life” and push the boundaries of appropriateness in a way that is clever and comical, and lays them down over some of the biggest and hardest hitting EDM songs that every bass head loves. In the past, he has worked with artists such as Sam Adams, Vital Knuckles of N.B.S., and The FlyRyda’z, and released his first mixtape ever in 2011, entitled “Mr. Nyce Guy”. He is currently working on a new project with producer & Engineer Cip at Split2nd Studios.

In The Shadows REMIX (In-Studio Video)

Sebnyce & Cip having fun in our studio session at Split2nd Studios, filmed it for your entertainment!